In-house Couple Spa $168 (90 mins), save up $158.
Enjoy any 2 Full body massage (60 mins), 2 Full Body Scrub.

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background Vela Smooth Slimming Unit (Call 67370138 for free trial)

What is Vela Smooth Slimming Unit ?
4-in-1 slimming unit, cleared by FDA.  Using Radio Frequency technology, light energy, kneading & rolling technology.

How fast is the result ?
Instant result. 8 sessions to achieve best result.

Who should be use ?
Men and women above 12 yrs old above.

How much per treatment ?
Only $58 per treatment, ask for free trail (with invitation only).

Who is Vela Smooth Slimming Specialist ?
Only at Orchard Branch 67370138

  background Radio Frequency Tummy and Thigh Slimming - No.1 Slimming treatment in Singapore

What is Radio Frequency ?
High frequency waves deliver in long pulses to penetrate deep into the tissues and heat up fat tissue,
accelerate metabolic rate, improving body line.

How fast is the result ?
Instant. Firming and contour effect, none-invasive, non-surgical and no down time.

Who should be use ?
Men and women above 12 yrs.

How much per treatment ?
First trial at $68